Friday, January 6, 2012

Summer shows and Winter web

Now comes one of the parts of this job I love:  changing with the seasons.  In the spring, when it is almost time to go out to the markets and set up at the shows, I am anxious for it.  What could be better than to be in a huge community of tents, full of familiar vendors, interesting items, and happy customers sharing chit chat about the weather, the price of gas, and whether this year will be as good as the last?  There is no time when I am happier to be out of the cubicle, away from the computer, and off mixing with the wonderful, diverse mix of people that make up America.  This is an amazing country and there is no better way to experience it than at a country fair, or, in my case, a huge outdoor antique show or flea market.  Let's face it: at a wonderful, huge show like Brimfield, we clamp our tents closed at night and no one messes with them. Amazing.  Fortunately, we spend the winter in a place similarly wonderful.  People in our area go into the convenience store in the morning and leave their cars unlocked and running outside. It warms the heart as well as the globe.  Are they misguided? Having grown up in a more guarded place, I am amazed but soothed by this ability to trust that everyone's mother taught them decency and civility.